At Trenchless Replacement Specialists, our name tells you exactly what we do. Even though we provide a wide range of plumbing services, our specialty is installing replacement piping without the need to dig any trenches. Hence, Trenchless Replacement Specialists, or TRS. There are several steps or techniques involved in doing this. In this post, we’ll discuss PIPE BURSTING, which is one of the primary steps in this process.


Pipe bursting is exactly what it sounds like. We are literally breaking up the old pipe to make way for a new one. The new pipe will be made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is safe and comes with a long life span.

The pipe bursting process begins by pulling what’s called a “bursting head” through the old pipe. This can be done from ground level, so, again, no digging is needed.

The head is attached to a new pipe, which is inserted inside the old pipe. Once the head enters the pipe, it is pulled through using a cable and power supply. The head is inserted at what’s called the “insertion pit” and is pulled through to what’s called the “receiving pit.”

Once in place, the new pipe exerts a force that causes the old pipe to break or “burst” apart. The breaking of the old pipe into the ground gives the new pipe room to expand. The new pipe is now in place, and, in some cases, can actually have a greater circumference than the old pipe.


There are several factors to consider regarding a pipe bursting project that will determine pricing. These include:

  • Length and depth of the existing pipe
  • Damage to existing pipe
  • Location on the property in relation to the home, garage, shed, etc.
  • Location of underground utility lines
  • Number of connections/branches in the pipeline
  • Number of joints in the pipe
  • The slope of the pipe
  • Whether other properties are connected to the pipe
  • Other materials needed
  • Other considerations if the project could interrupt traffic (permits, etc.)
  • Replacement of any necessary surface damage to landscaping, tiles, etc.


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