Many homeowners know very little about how their sewer line works. However, they’ll have to learn fast if there’s ever a problem. Probably the worst thing that can happen to your sewer line is a full-on collapse. In this post, we’ll explain some of the tell-tale signs of a collapsed sewer line, what it means, and what you can do to fix it.


If you are experiencing any of these signs in your home or business it’s possible that your sewer line has collapsed:

  • If there’s something wrong with your sewer, chances are very high that your nose will tell you! A strong odor of sewage is one of the first signs of a problem. Whether the smell is coming from inside your home or business, or somewhere in the yard, it’s definitely time to check for broken lines.
  • If all the drains seem to be clogged at once, that could be an indicator of a problem with the entire system. If you try to clear them and the problem persists, it’s likely a break or collapse of your main sewer line.
  • Your commode isn’t exactly the same as a drain, but the toilet is making a gurgling sound, indicating a problem deep in the pipes. That’s because a break in the line has allowed air into the pipe that escapes in the form of gurgling with every flush!
  • One of the nastiest symptoms of a clogged sewer line is a sewage backup in the bathtub. Any sort of major clog or break in your lines could cause this. One common cause is tree roots breaking through the pipes and allowing dirt to get in. We probably don’t need to tell you that sewage in the tub is a reason to call a plumber right away!
  • A final sign of bad sewage lines could actually show up in the form of cracks on the walls. That’s because excess water or leakage can cause foundation damage that leads to your home settling, which could lead to cracks.


The good news is that Trenchless Replacement Specialists can inspect and repair your sewage line without making a mess of your home or yard. Make an appointment online, or call us today at (432) 580-7693 and ask us about our state-of-the-art cured-in-place pipe replacement method!