Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Replacement Specialists in Odessa, TX

At Trenchless Replacement Specialists, we are committed to providing excellent workmanship and attention to detail, allowing us to exceed the expectations of each customer.

Our specialists have the practical experience necessary to ensure your project is a success! Our skilled team has been servicing drain lines in the West Texas market since 1988.

Trenchless Replacement Specialists has the experience and technical knowledge to specify the right thickness and right resins to meet your specific needs regardless of how deep the pipe or how corrosive the environment.

Trenchless Replacement Specialists is licensed for plumbing in the state of Texas.


Trenchless Replacement: A Better Solution

Trenchless pipe replacement will save you money, time and aggravation. Consider a few of the benefits:


Trenchless drain lining systems provide a cost effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement while still offering the structural strength of new pipe.Resin formulas are custom specified to meet your specialized requirements. The structural strength of the liner enhances the strength of the host pipe and acts as a stand-alone pipe, meeting or exceeding ASTM D790 standards.

Flexible & Accurate

TRS’s lining conforms to non-standard pipe shapes and sizes. Our lining systems allowing us to accurately fix problems anywhere in the line at any length, even spanning”void” pipe sections, using a CCTV camera.

Less Hassle

Above ground there are no piles of excavated dirt…no traffic tie-ups…no subcontractors and a happy customer.

Low Impact

Many of TRS’s lateral rehabilitation techniques can be launched through cleanouts. This advanced system allows TRS’s technicians to replace underground pipe without disturbing any surface materials such as: driveways, landscaping, porches, sidewalks, floors, electrical & gas lines, water lines, roadways, parking lots, etc.We have been able to save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars! (link to case study) Using trenchless technology we have saved our clients the cost of destroying professionally landscaped gardens, irreplaceable Italian tile and newly paved commercial parking lots.

Increased Flow

Cured in place pipe actually increases flow capacity because the new pipe is joint less and is thus much smoother than old clay and concrete pipe.