Trenchless Pipe Replacement and Repair

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One of the most destructive problems a homeowner can face is root intrusion. Tree root systems grow, sometimes very aggressively, in search of water and nutrient-rich soil. Unfortunately for homeowners, they are attracted to the moisture that forms on the sewer pipe.

Once these tree roots and other debris obstruct the pipe, it begins to hold water. More and more water collects until the water flows along the trench line, washing away the soil under the pipe. This leads to its ultimate collapse.

Where Cured in Place Pipe Comes In

Rather than simply clearing the pipe (and having to clear it again and again, every time the roots grow back), the best solution is to renew the pipe with a pipe liner or with the process known as “cured in place pipe.” This process will permanently seal off the roots and restore the structural integrity of the pipes.

Before relining, the host pipe must be prepped and cleaned to remove the roots and debris that are blocking the pipe. This is done with water jetting using hydraulic equipment. After clearing the pipe, it must be inspected to be sure that it’s been thoroughly cleaned and is ready for the cured in place process to begin.


The materials used in cured in place pipe mold to the host pipe. This increases the capacity of the flow through the pipe because the newly lined pipe is much smoother than what it once was. It also prevents exfiltration and infiltration, and eliminates joins that can weaken to allow root invasion. The process of cured in place pipe saves thousands of dollars in landscaping and restoration costs.

To see how it works, watch our video below!

A Cost-Effective Alternative

At TRS, we have the experience and knowledge to meet the specific needs of your pipe. Cure-in-place is an entirely trenchless water line repair process, giving you a cost effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement. However, you still get the structural strength of what you would see from new pipe. This trenchless plumbing technology allows us to replace underground pipe without disturbing any surface structures (landscaping, driveways, porches, floors, underground lines, etc.)

To see if you qualify for a free pipe inspection, normally a $300 value, contact TRS today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cured-in-place pipe made of?

Cured-in-place pipe most often consists of a fiberglass liner saturated with a vinyl ester, polyester, or epoxy resin. The liner is specifically measured to fit the exact proportions necessary to replace your existing damaged pipes so that when the resin hardens, your pipe is entirely renewed.

What are the benefits of trenchless pipe replacement and repair?

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What’s one of the biggest projects you’ve completed?

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