Trenchless, or no dig, plumbing is a system that allows a plumbing company to avoid using a backhoe or other invasive equipment for plumbing installation. The absence of trenches makes the work more palpable to the end user.

This aesthetically pleasing nature of the work along with its feasibility has spurred growth in the plumbing industry. America’s plumbing needs are large. America’s sewer systems spill over a one and quarter trillion gallons of sewage each year. American homeowners have need of plumbing and sewer services as do municipalities. A complex dig and replacement of a sewer main is not a small job and can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000.

Trenchless or no dig pipe repairs use an existing pipe as the means of laying new pipe. A polyester tube coated with resin is inserted into the underground pipe. When the lining hardens, it strengths and renews the previously damaged pipe. Typically, no digging (or very minimal digging) is involved in this process. This process is not only more pleasing to the end user, but it is also more friendly to the environment. No dig pipe repairs are gaining in popularity over the old dig-it-up and replace method.

Four Reasons For Choosing No Dig Pipe Repairs

  1. No dig pipe repairs are easier on yards and landscaping. The intimidating and not very attractive dig-it-up and replace it method creates a large ditch along with the mounds of dirt that stretches from a homeowner’s yard out to the street. The work is obvious and may lend some embarrassment to the homeowner. However, with no dig pipe repairs, your yard will stay intact and your lawn can remain green.
    • A small hole may need to be dug if the camera sees that the old pipe will not be able to sustain the new pipe lining. This hole is relatively small at four feet by three feet. The hole exposes a portion of the pipe so that the work can be completed. Even with this small dig, your yard will remain intact.
  2. No dig pipe repairs are faster. A trenchless plumbing system can be installed in a matter of a few hours compared with an all day or more-than-one day dig-it-up and replace method.
  3. No dig pipe repairs are less expensive. The trenchless sewer line repair method identifies the specific repair needed and therefore saves time and money over the alternative more labor intensive method of pipe repair. The less intensive labor also saves you money. It’s a win, win.
  4. No dig pipe repairs are friendlier to the environment. The nature of the work itself is more environmentally friendly as is the resin used. There is less need of earthmoving and rock quarries. The no dig method also seals the pipe, so that water stays in and impurities stay out.

These are the four main reasons you should choose trenchless pipe repair and over the dig-it-up and replace it method. You’ll save time, money, and the environment. Choose no dig pipe repair for your plumbing and sewer needs.