Smoke Testing

As you may guess, finding leaks in sewer or plumbing systems is a challenge. These systems are large and intricate, and locating the source of a sewer gas leak can be daunting and messy. Thankfully, with the tools technology provides, the experts at Trenchless Replacement Specialists are able to find leaks in sewer and plumbing systems with a process known as smoke testing. Let us tell you more!

Smoke Testing: How It Works

Smoke testing has become a standard for finding sewer gas leaks in sewer systems. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to quickly detect sewer gas leak leaks using smoke-filled air. This air is forced through a sewer or plumbing system and smoke will escape from a problem area. Smoke is pumped from utility manholes through sanitary sewers (in streets or within public easements) and observed to see where the smoke exits.


Depending on the situation, the exiting smoke can indicate the location of manholes, catch basins, and even broken pipes. Smoke testing can even indicate where roof or foundation drains might be connected to the sewer or plumbing system. The smoke from the smoke test can also appear around homes with foundation drains connected to the sewer, from cracks in the pavement above the sewer, disconnected or faulty plumbing fixtures, and from landscaping above private side sewers.

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With adequate ventilation, visibility and odor last only a few minutes. The smoke used in the smoke test is nontoxic and creates no fire hazard. Even though the smoke testing process is harmless, the local fire and police authorities are typically notified.

The trenchless professionals at TRS can efficiently and effectively conduct a smoke test to determine the location of a sewer gas leak. If you would like to know more about smoke testing or if you’re curious to know if smoke testing is right for you, please contact TRS today to learn more about our services!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is smoke testing safe?

It is! The “smoke” is a lot closer to steam than actual smoke and dissipates within a matter of minutes. It’s pet and people safe.

How long does smoke testing take?

We can usually complete a smoke test in about 15 minutes. That can change depending on the size of your home (larger homes might require more than one test) and the number of leaks detected.

Why would I need a smoke test?

If there’s deterioration in your sewer lines, smoke testing is one of the best ways to determine the extent of the problem and where repairs need to be made.





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