A water leak can be one of the most devastating things to your home. Not only can it cause severe damage, but it may also be weeks or even months before you even realize there’s a problem. In a lot of cases, it can also lead to a sizable increase in your water bill. In this post, we’ll offer step-by-step instructions on how to tell if you’ve got a leak on your property or in your home.


As mentioned, an increase in your bill can be a sure sign of a leak. You can check your usage before the bill comes by checking your water meter. In most cases, you can find the water meter underneath a cover in the ground near the street. It can also be at the back or side of the house. Here’s how to check the meter:

  1. Turn off all faucets and any water-based appliances.
  2. Check the meter and write down the numbers. Come back in an hour to see if they’ve changed. If so, you’ve got a problem.
  3. To narrow down the location of the leak, turn off the shut-off valve for your main water supply. This is usually in a utility room.
  4. Check the meter again, then wait for about another hour. If the numbers have changed – the leak is in a water line outside your home. If they have NOT changed, it’s somewhere inside your home.


Trenchless Replacement Specialists has the experts and equipment to find your leak. Our in-pipe camera can even find the source of it without the need for any digging. Once we find it, we have state-of-the-art techniques to fix it quickly and inexpensively. We can even replace the pipe completely – again, with no digging and very limited damage to surroundings. If you suspect a leak, we can help. Make an appointment today by calling 432-580-7693.