Having a damaged sewer line can easily turn into a nightmare for a homeowner. Besides the obvious damage and expenses, it also can lead to destroyed landscaping when relaying the new lines. That leads to more costs when it comes to re-beautifying your property. Thankfully, new trenchless options mean you can skip the digging altogether – saving your yard and your money! In this post, we’ll discuss some of the differences between trenchless and traditional sewer line repair.


The advantages of going trenchless are literally just the surface. Digging a new trench not only can destroy your yard, but could also involve busting a concrete driveway, damage to your foundation, or damage to your home. Trenchless repairs cause less damage, cost less, and can often be completed much faster.


So if trenchless pipe repair is so great, why would anyone choose a traditional trench-digging solution? There are some scenarios where traditional trenches are necessary. Depending on the size of the job (commercial projects may be much bigger) or other landscaping (including water) a traditional trench may be your best bet.


If you’re struggling to decide whether traditional or trenchless is right for you and your project, there are a couple of things to remember: The digging itself involved in a traditional trench is generally less expensive than a trenchless repair – however, the cost of re-landscaping an area to your preferences will far outweigh any savings you may incur. When adding it all up, going trenchless is generally a more cost-efficient solution.


When you invest in a project or anything to update your home (or sewer) you’re relying on experts to get the job done right the first time. The professionals at Trenchless Replacement Specialists have the knowledge, training, tools, and resources to do just that. We can show you exactly what we’ll do to replace your pipes without digging, and how it will save you in the long run. Whether you have a home or commercial project, make an appointment online, or give us a call today at (432) 580-7693.