Buying a new home is always an exciting time. If you own a home, you know that getting a professional inspection is part of the purchasing process. But did that inspection include a comprehensive evaluation of your sewer line? In this post, we’ll explain why this often overlooked part of an inspection is crucially important and could help you save thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Sewage line issues are definitely more common in older homes, which likely used less durable, less reliable piping. They lacked modern technology that helps keep newer sewage systems running efficiently. Here are a few of the common issues:

  • If your home was built with cast iron pipes more than 50 years ago, there’s a good chance that they’ve started to corrode over time.
  • Things like tree roots are a common cause of cracked pipes.
  • Weak joints and poor connections could be a result of faulty installation.


Most routine home inspections do not include thorough sewer inspections. The professionals at Trenchless Replacement Specialists can inspect your sewer lines to give you some peace of mind before making a life-changing purchase! 


The good news is that our strategy is in our name: Trenchless. TRS can inspect your sewers with NO DIGGING. We’ll send a tiny camera down into your sewage line that will send a live feed to a monitor above ground. From there, we’ll be able to see if there are any cracks, corrosion, or weak spots in your piping – including the exact location of any problems. If any issues do arise, we can immediately assess them, and offer solutions, including a variety of state-of-the-art methods to repair the line as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you’re considering a home purchase, especially of an older home, we encourage you to get an independent inspection of your sewers. Should a problem arise, it could save you thousands! Make an appointment online, or call us today at (432) 580-7693.