Trenchless Replacement Specialists is your source for all things pipe repair, replacement, and inspection. In this post, we’ll discuss a process we use to clean clogged sewer lines known as hydro jetting. Just like the name sounds, hydro jetting involves blasting high-pressure water into the sewer lines to remove debris and clear them out.


Prior to performing hydro jetting, we’ll make a video inspection of the pipes to pinpoint the location and cause of the blockages. This will help us decide if hydro jetting will be able to completely clear up the sewage lines. For example, hydro jetting will cut right through most root damage to your pipes, but heavier root damage may require a snake before the hydro jetting can be applied. Also, hydro jetting works great for clearing pipes, but won’t help if pipes are damaged.


Operating the hydro jet is easy. A small nozzle is fed down the pipe manually to the spot of the blockage. Nozzle size and style may vary depending on the drain or pipe size, as well as what kind of debris is causing the clog. The pressure is turned up to around 35,000psi. This is strong enough to remove most debris from sewer pipes.


In homes, hydro jetting is great for removing sand and other mineral buildup, as well as hair clogs and other residues. Businesses that dispose of oily, greasy materials down the drain (like restaurants) should practice regular hydro jetting to prevent damage to their sewage systems. Hydro jetting will actually clean out grease and oil better than even a professional-grade snake. It also reduces the need to use harsh chemicals that will break pipes down over time.


Hydro jetting is an effective solution for clearing out sewer lines for both residential and commercial properties. If you have consistently slow drains or they require regular snaking, hydro jetting may work for you. It’s especially good for older sewer lines that may have a lot of sludge built up over time.

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