At the Trenchless Replacement Specialists office, we often discuss the best time to get plumbing work done. Because many of your pipes are hidden behind cabinets or walls, it’s often recommended that plumbing work coincides with a kitchen or bathroom remodel. That way you’re improving your home cosmetically and functionally at the same time. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the important steps you should take to protect your pipes during the remodeling process.


The plumbing lines in your kitchen are critical. That’s why it’s important they not be damaged during a remodel. They need to be able to provide both hot and cold water, and provide a steady supply of water to all your faucets, including the dishwasher! If you need to move pipes as part of your remodel, call TRS for professional help that will get the job done right.


A kitchen or bath remodel can leave you with a lot of construction debris. This can include sawdust, nails, pieces of drywall, and other items. These things should be disposed of properly. Don’t try to put them down a drain (or toilet) and presume they’ll just go away. Even something like sawdust can create major backups and blockages in your pipes!


Kitchen outlets need to remain fully functional for the fridge, microwave, and other electrical appliances. Also, keep in mind the positioning of lights in your redesigned kitchen. You may need multiple lights, including over the stove, etc. You may even want to power some appliances or lights via electricity and others via gas. You’ll definitely want an electrician to help sort that all out.


Speaking of gas, it’s likely that gas lines will need to be adjusted. A ruptured gas line could be a major issue, and pipes going the wrong way can be dangerous.


At Trenchless Replacement Specialists, plumbing pipes are our specialty. If you’re thinking about a kitchen or bathroom renovation, that’s always a good time to get your pipes checked out! Give us a call today for an appointment at 432-580-7693. We’ll make sure you stay safe and help make your dream kitchen as functional as it is beautiful!