Winter is here, and even in Midland and Odessa that can mean temperatures leading to frozen pipes. When the temps drop below 32 for an extended period of time, you may want to stay indoors, but before you do it’s a good idea to prep your plumbing. This can help you avoid frozen pipes and the costs that come with them. In this post, we’ll offer a few simple tips you can use to keep your pipes freeze-free!


When it gets cold outside, it’s likely colder than usual inside too. And it’s especially cold in areas that protect your pipes, such as underneath counters and behind cabinets. Opening your cabinet doors that house plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, will allow more of the heated air from your home to reach those areas and help prevent pipes from freezing.


Exposed pipes, like ones in your attic or crawl space, can be susceptible to freezing temperatures. You can wrap them in pipe insulation foam that can be purchased at any hardware store. These are easy to install. Not only will they prevent your pipes from freezing, but they’ll also help keep the water running through them warm!


Heat tape is similar to foam insulation in that it is another option to help keep pipes warm. This special tape is wrapped directly onto the pipes and is specifically designed to keep the water inside warm. The process of wrapping the pipes also gives you a chance to check for leaks.


There’s also a thermostat strategy to keep your pipes safe. The secret is keeping the temperature in your home relatively stable throughout the day. Don’t try to blast the heat for a while, then let it cool off. Keeping the temperature stable day and night will make it easier on your pipes – and easier on your electric bill as well.


The West Texas weather, along with the status of your pipes, can be unpredictable. If your pipes ever do freeze, you’ll want to get the problem fixed fast! If that happens you should call a plumber right away to assess the damage and determine what fixtures in your home are safe to use. 

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