Is cured in place piping strong?

Yes. Millions of linear feet of cured in place materials have been installed worldwide. They have withstood every corrosive environment plus the test of time. Billions of dollars have been saved because excavation was eliminated.

How large of an access area is needed for trenchless replacement?

Our techniques can be launched through a cleanout. These techniques keep digging to a bare minimum, which saves money. Our system can also start and stop anywhere in the line which will reduce your material cost and make the job more affordable.

Will there be a reduction in pipe flow?

No. Cured in place pipe actually increases flow capacity because the new pipe is much smoother than old clay and concrete pipe.

Are relined pipes environmentally safe?

Yes. Cured in place materials mold to the host pipe. The new seamless pipe prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restores structural integrity, and eliminates joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion.

What is the maximum diameter and length of pipe?

We can treat lines from 1.5 ” up to 10 ” in diameter and with a maximum length of up to 200′ or more.

Are sewer lines the only type of pipe you line?

No! We can line any pipe whether it is horizontal or vertical, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and even gas pipes to guarantee no leaks.

Is the Permian Basin the only place you provide services?

No! Give us a call and we will determine if we can service your area.


What is pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting allows installation of rigid piping with minimal digging. This method of pipe replacement involves pulling a special splitting head through the old pipe. This tool “bursts” the existing pipe, thus allowing room for the new pipe that is pulled behind the cutting head and into place.


Will home inspectors video inspect the main sewer line or pipe?

No! Most home inspectors like to give positive results on home inspections. If the visual plumbing looks good in their opinion, they will give it a good score; completely neglecting to look inside the main sewer line. The reason they do this is because if there is a tree nearby, odds are a video inspection will show the poor condition and dilapidation of the sewer pipes.

What should I do?

Besides having a home inspection report, it is extremely advisable to have a video inspection made of your sewer lines before closing. Whereas the previous homeowner can bear the expense of the reparations.

Is the Permian Basin the only place you provide services?

No! Give us a call and we will determine if we can service your area.

I have found my dream house, do I really need to have it inspected?

Yes! What would it be like for you if you discovered a major problem with your home after you moved in, simply because you did not know what to look for during your own review of the structure? You must know that buying a home is an emotional purchase! Don’t let your emotions lead you into a money pit you will end up regretting it later. Let a professional plumber locate the problems that may exist in your sewer system prior to you making that final decision. Many times we find that potential home buyers are thinking about painting, knocking out a wall, new light fixtures, etc. only to discover after a home inspection, that their money for cosmetic changes may have to be budgeted for plumbing repairs. Purchasing the services of a licensed sewer system inspector will save you many headaches and frustrations in the future.

Are all Inspections the same?

No, definitely not; inspections vary in professionalism, experience, training and overall knowledge. There are poor inspections and excellent inspections, and everything in-between. We have the highest level of training hours and field training. Our inspectors perform at a much higher level than most other inspectors to keep their high-level rating in the industry. We are leaders in the field of real estate inspections and in the sewer line inspection field.

Why are all sewer line inspection companies not alike?

Many multi-inspection firms work from the idea of doing a large number of hasty and sometimes incomplete inspections at a cheap cost is good. At TRS we prefer to do a very limited number of inspections at the highest level of professionalism possible. We treat each client as our only client. We are the most service orientated inspection company in the West Texas area. We don’t look at numbers of inspections; we look out for our client’s complete satisfaction, at, during and after the inspection. Many multi-inspection firms believe that anyone can be trained to perform sewer line inspections. They try to get their inspectors out in the field as quickly as possible, whether they are ready or not. However, you as a consumer are taking all the chances. The ability to recognize conditions that may be a problem comes in part from training and experience. No single course, not even a collection of courses, can prepare a person for all of the notable problems that an inspector may come across in the field. An inspection company or inspector that performs cheap and hasty inspections would not qualify as a TRS inspector. Worse, an error can result in catastrophic financial loss or even death.

What does an inspection entail?

Mostly commitment and integrity. We perform every inspection for our clients as if they were our only client and this is the most important inspection we will ever perform. Our goal is to inform our clients about the condition of the sewer line on the property they are interested in purchasing, or already occupy. Realize you will not get that with any other sewer line inspection company. We inspect every item during an inspection. We give an unbiased opinion without being influenced by any outside factors and interests.