If you’re in charge of a commercial building, you hopefully don’t have to think much about plumbing. But the fact is, a small plumbing problem could potentially cost your company a boatload in lost revenue. A plumbing issue that shuts down your business, even for only a few hours, could really cost you. Trenchless Replacement Specialists can assist you with all of your commercial plumbing needs.


Some plumbing issues are easy to see, while others may stay hidden until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to catch them as soon as possible. A small leak in a hidden pipe may not be easy to see with your eyes. Water accumulating from a leak could be in a wall or ceiling, and it could be a while before you notice it. One area where you might be able to see it early is in your water bill. A sudden spike in your bill for no apparent reason means something is wrong. Get it checked out soon before a rupture causes major flood damage! Regular checkups will catch the small things before they get big.


That brings us to your plumbing maintenance schedule. If it feels like it’s been a while since you last had routine maintenance on your commercial plumbing (or HVAC for that matter), it’s probably a good time to start. We strongly recommend routine maintenance at least once a year, even if you can’t see any problems. This will guarantee you’ll catch pre-existing issues and prevent them from becoming greater problems.


At TRS, we specialize in inspecting and repairing your pipes with minimal digging or damage to your property. We provide residential service as well if you need it at home or for rental properties. If you have a plumbing need, or just want to get started on a maintenance schedule, call us today to make an appointment. You can reach us at 432-580-7693. No Mess, No Stress!